Best Airport Transfers Lombok Based on Price

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Airport Transfers Lombok: 4 Ways to Get from the Airport to Your Hotels

We’ve all been there: trying to figure out the best route to get from the airport to our hotel. While certain airports, such as Singapore’s, make it easy to choose, this is not the case when we arrive at Lombok International Airport.

If you’re visiting Lombok Island for the first time, the sheer amount of possibilities will likely overwhelm you. However, do not let this issue ruin your holiday. EVER!

You’re now debating whether the kind of transportation is best for you. Please believe me when I say that we have some simple solutions and advice for you below.

In this article, we’ll rank each alternative based on two factors. Price and convenience of Airport Transfers Lombok. If you’re traveling with a family, you might want to go with the first option.

Best Airport Transfers Lombok Overall

Klook’s Private Airport Transfers Lombok

Klook is a rookie in the travel digital start-up industry, but it has already won the attention of many travelers by offering big discounts on destination activities and experiences.

Private Airport Transfer Lombok is one of Klook’s best deals in Lombok Island, and it comes at a very reasonable price. We tried ordering the service, and it’s a very simple process that can be completed using either mobile phone apps or a web page.

Mandalika CircuitRp 164.444
MataramRp 128.889
SenggigiRp 225.778
SembalunRp 395.556
SelongRp 248.889
PemenangRp 225.778
KoetaRp 164.444
KayanganRp 395.556
LembarRp 128.889

Ground Airport Transfers Lombok

Dharma LestariDomestic Terminal
BIL Local TransportDomestic Terminal
TRACDomestic Terminal
Pusaka Prima TransportDomestic Terminal
KSU MandalikaDomestic Terminal

Lombok Airport Taxi

Taxi OperatorPriceCounter
KotamaZona/ArgoDomestic Terminal
KSU Lombok BaruZona/ArgoDomestic Terminal

Public Transportation

Lombok International Airport - MataramRp. 25.000
Lombok International Airport - AmpenanRp. 35.000
Lombok International Airport - SengigiRp. 35.000
Lombok International Airport - SelongRp. 30.000

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