Rent A Bike & Scooter on Lombok

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motorbike and scooter rental in lombok

Motorbike Rental Lombok

Traveling around Lombok with an automatic motorbike can be an option to get a genuine atmosphere of community life by visiting places that have not been widely exposed. With affordable Lombok motorbike rental prices around the island of Lombok without time restrictions and travel schedules, it all depends on you.

Scooter Rental Prices in Lombok

The following is a pricelist of motorbike rental Lombok for a full day

Scooter TypePrice
Honda ScoopyUS$ 8.25
Honda VarioUS$ 8.25
Yamaha N-MaxSoon

Ordering Terms

  • Please show your KTP (Domestic) and Passport (International) to the operator before receiving the automatic motorbike
  • Show your driver’s license to the operator before picking up the automatic motorbike

Additional information

  • For safety reasons, one automatic motorbike unit can only be used by a maximum of 2 people
  • Drivers and passengers are required to wear helmets
  • You are not allowed to bring an automatic motorbike outside Lombok Island

Scooter Type

scooter rental lombok with good prices
Honda Scoopy
hire a scooter bike for rental on lombok
Honda Vario
lombok scooter rental for a day
Yamaha N-Max

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